Back Pain

Posted in Uncategorized on January 20, 2010 by kbarbour

Approximately 80% of the population will experience some episode of Low Back Pain (LBP).  The cause of this back pain is multifaceted meaning that many factors may contribute to the occurrence of a bad back.  This makes it essential that you are evaluated by a LBP specialist, be it a Physical Therapist, MD, or a Chiropractor.  Once the evaluation and treatment is complete hopefully you are feeling better and the pain is decreased.  In my area of expertise, dealing with athletes and returning previously injured individuals back into the work place, I find that the issue of LBP arises from four primary factors:

1.  Faulty posture (check yours now…tuck your chin & straighten up).

2.  Lack of Core Stability or Abdominal Dysfunction.

3.  Inadequate Hip Mobility.

4.  Insistence on doing stupid sh*t.

Let’s work backwards starting with #4.

Stop doing things that hurt your back.  If are doing this… please stop.  Excessive crunches, will wreck your back primarily by promoting your curled over posture and leading to a dysfunctional abdominal wall.  There are many ways to achieve a chiseled mid section, eliminating processed foods, tabata intervals and a strength program rich in chin-ups and squats come to my mind.  If you’re looking for a sexier way you might try this.  Kidding.  In all seriousness, Back Pain Sucks so stop doing things that promote pain.  If you are an athlete you should first find a qualified professional whom you trust, educate yourself on proper training (not just things you saw on YouTube) and follow a progressive program that accounts for the demands of your sport and your individual differences.  Prevention is the best medicine. 

So in summary, stop doing stupid sh*t.  Keep reading this blog; I’ll touch on #3 Hip Mobility later in the week.